Nienke Groenendijk assumes that communication is more than a ‘simple’ translation. Sometimes, a text must be adapted to the target country. Nienke  adapts the customer’s message to meet the needs and interests of the target group, going that one step further.

Nienke is specialised in the field of financial-economic translations, especially for investment funds, such as Key Investor Information Documents, prospectuses and monthly or quarterly reviews. She also has a keen interest in the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs.

Subtitling is a difficult profession that is frequently underrated. Nienke has more than 21 years’ experience in subtitling films, TV series and DVDs from French, English and German and knows the field inside-out. She owns a license to professional subtitling software. 

Video on pay-to-fly, subtitled by Nienke Groenendijk

Copywriting and copy-editing
Writing is a creative process in which the customer also plays a significant role. The customer actively participates, closely monitoring the text. As a result, optimal use is made of his/her knowledge of the market, target group and company terminology. Nienke not only works for its clients, but is receptive to their ideas, creating a pleasant atmosphere that serves to enhance the final result.